Missionary On The Go is a 30 day devotional for World Changers. If you are a missionary on a new assignment or you are seeking a missional mindset then this book is for you! Christina Sheer, Missionary and Social Media Evangelist shares from a first-hand perspective the opportunities and challenges you may encounter on the mission field. She wrote this book during her first 90 days as a full time missionary in Cape Town, South Africa.

Missionary On The Go is divided into three sections:
– Find rest in the presence of the Lord (Days 1-10)
– Seek His purpose for your life (Days 11-20)
– Press through transition through prayer (Days 21-30)

This book will provide its readers with hope, peace, joy, love, courage, inspiration and affirmation. Each person is encouraged to read this book with a Bible, journal and pen to write down the personal revelations the Lord will share with them while reading Missionary On The Go.

Worldwide Release Date:
November 17, 2015 via Apple iBooks

Interview Requests:
Please contact socialmediaevangelism@gmail.com