And it all started with me saying YES to God. This is my #MissionaryLife story.
I saw a Facebook post about water baptism at the church I was visiting and I felt “moved” to email the church and ask if I could get baptized. Little did I realize that absolutely everything was about to change in my life. All I knew was I loved God and wanted to publicly declare my faith. I was baptized as a little girl but I wanted to have a defining moment where I drew a line in the sand separating me from my past and embracing my new life in Christ. He was my Lord & Savior and I wanted everyone to know it. With that in mind, I emailed the church and asked to sign up. They so kindly replied and on Halloween 2012 surrounded by friends, I got baptized. What I didn’t know is that the next five years would look something like this:

Oct 31st – My water baptism – watch here 
Dec – Joined a new church

April – Sign up for my first Mission Trip
June – Went on a Ten Days Missions Trip to Lima, Peru
July – Joined Church Staff / Creative Media Team

July 2014 – Went on a Ten Days Missions Trip to Cape Town, South Africa
August 2014 – Took a leap of faith, left my job and began preparing to move to Africa

April – Moved to Cape Town, South Africa as a full-time missionary
July – Preached for the first time in Congo
Oct – My knees were supernaturally healed after 12+ years of post ACL surgery pain
November – Published my first book, Missionary On The Go

June – Returned to America for sabbatical/rest season
November – Started working my dream job at Michael Hyatt & Co.

To say the least, God has taken me on an incredible adventure these past five years. It has been filled with mountaintop revelations and valleys of tears but through it all, I have watched my faith grow. From missions trips to full-time ministry, I can say that grown in my relationship with God each and every day. As I reflect on these past five years one simple thing keeps coming to mind. One simple YES started the most epic journey of my life. Watch and see what your YES can become in God’s hands.